The Worship Ministry at Calvary Chapel Monrovia is led by Mick Taras.  We also have a Worship Choir that is led by Toni Schork.  Worship is a vital part of our ministry at Calvary Chapel Monrovia.  Our Senior Pastor, Richard Schork was a Worship Pastor for over 10 years before planting a church in Monrovia, so his heart is especially passionate and sensitive towards the Worship Ministry.   There are no try outs for choir  however, skill level and experience is something that we consider when it comes to playing in the band during services.  Choir meets every Thursday night at the Monrovia United Methodist Church located at 140 E. Palm Ave., Second Floor, Room 204.  We love to teach and help everyone grow.  We are looking for hearts that want to Praise God with all their heart.  If that is you, then you are in the right place! 



The Sound Ministry at Calvary Chapel Monrovia is led by Victor Palacios.  The Sound Ministry works directly with our Worship, Media, and Web Ministry.  The sound ministry is to provide technical support and encouragement for all of our live events where amplified sound is needed.  Adjusting levels at the sound board is just a small portion of this ministry.  The most involved area of the sound ministry is set up and break down.  Helpers are always needed and you can become a part of this ministry without any experience.  We will provide training for anyone interested in serving.