JON & BEV MITCHAM

         JON & BEV MITCHAM



2017 Married and Engaged Couples Update   


We are planning to the re-launch the Married and Engaged Couples Fellowship in June with a once every 2 months series titled “Marriage Holiness.

On the off months between the study we will be having a “Couples Dinner Out”, where we will be pairing a few couples with a couple from our leadership to have a dinner either out at a restaurant or at a couples home for a potluck. 

We will also be having some other events so stay tuned for more details and a calendar of dates.  email jon@ccmonrovia.org for information



Pre-Marital and Marriage Enrichment


Tom and Anna Hetman are serving Calvary Chapel Monrovia in the areas of pre-maritial coaching and marriage enrichment. Tom is also a trained Life Coach specializing in Anxiety and Depression, and works with men in overcoming Sexual Addictions. All requests, regarding this ministry, should be made through the church office.