Calvary Chapel has a “Worship Choir” under the direction of the senior Pastor’s wife, Toni Schork.  She also interviews and selects vocals and/or background vocals for the main service worship on Wednesdays and Sundays as well as selects and conducts a small ensemble made up of 6 to 8 trained vocalists.  Worship is a vital part of our ministry.  Pastor, Richard Schork was a Worship Pastor, (w/Toni) for over 10 years before planting a church in Monrovia, so their hearts are especially passionate and sensitive towards the Worship Ministry.   There are no try outs for choir, however, skill level and experience is something one might consider.  Toni believes more importantly, that a person’s heart for worship and their love for the Lord plays a huge part in those who are in the choir.  Choir meets every Thursday night.  If you have an interest in background vocals, choir or small ensemble please contact Toni by email or filling out the form below.

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