Pastor Allen was born and raised in Pasadena, brought to church every Sunday by his grandmother, and went through the local Christian school system, attending both Pasadena Christian and Maranatha High School.  Though very knowledgeable in the Word because of his schooling, it was not until after he had graduated from the University of California at Riverside in 1986 with a degree in geophysics when he truly found the Lord.  Since that time, the Lord guided Allen out of the oil patch and into teaching, starting in 1987 and continuing on to today; he currently teaches high school science and mathematics locally in Monrovia.  The Lord also blessed him with his best friend, wife, and helpmate, Aleacia in 1996 and four wonderful children, Wesley, Robbie, Emma—named in honor of his grandmother who had invested so much time and prayer on his behalf as a child and teenager—and their youngest, Amelia.

The Lord led Allen and his family to CC Monrovia in June 2006, after serving for eight years in the sound and media ministry at Calvary Chapel of the Foothills in La Cañada.  The Lord continued to use him in Monrovia in sound and media, and later teaching in the junior high ministry.  He was raised as an assisting pastor in 2014.  Currently, Allen administers the CCM Bible Ministry School and with Aleacia, oversees the Light in the Storm ministry, assisting those going through major trials in their lives, coordinates our home groups, and oversees the Prayer Ministry.